The ATAC Rotation Funds are designed to be absolute return, tactical strategies. The Funds seek to rotate between risk-on (equities/high yield bonds) or risk-off (Treasuries) based on leading indicators of volatility.

Our Mutual Fund:

The ATAC Rotation Fund (Investor Class: ATACX, Institutional Class, ATCIX) 

  • In offensive mode, ATACX can invest in U.S. large-cap ETFs, U.S. small-cap ETFs, or Emerging Market ETFs.
  • In defensive mode, ATACX can invest in long-duration Treasuries or short duration Treasuries.

Our Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs):

The ATAC Credit Rotation ETF (Ticker: JOJO)

  • In offensive mode, JOJO can invest in high yield/junk bond ETFs.
  • In defensive mode, JOJO can invest in long-duration Treasuries. The indicator that triggers the offensive or defensive position is driven by the behavior of Utilities relative to the broad stock market, a historically leading indicator of market volatility, which is evaluated on a weekly basis for potential rotations in the exchange traded fund.

The ATAC US Rotation ETF (Ticker: RORO)

  • In offensive mode, RORO can invest in U.S. small-cap and large-cap growth ETFs.
  • In defensive mode, RORO can invest in long-duration Treasuries. The indicator is driven by the behavior of Lumber and Gold, a historically leading indicator of market volatility, which is evaluated on a weekly basis for potential rotations in the exchange traded fund.
Why the ATAC Funds?
  • Attempt to provide absolute returns in all investing environments
  • Objective, quantitative process not subject to behavioral biases
  • Seek to provide high liquidity and transparency with low fees
  • Provide diversification to traditional stock and bond portfolios

The ATAC Funds are managed by Tidal Investments, LLC, an independent registered investment advisor. The strategies were developed by Tidal’s Portfolio Manager Michael A. Gayed, CFA.

5 Reasons to Invest in ATAC Funds


01. Add Diversification Benefits to Your Portfolio

ATAC Funds are designed to be highly tactical strategies. As a result, the addition of ATAC funds to an investor’s existing portfolio may provide diversification benefits over time.

02. Ability to Mitigate Risk in Times of Stress

ATAC Funds have the ability to rotate fully into Treasury bond ETFs ahead of periods of equity and high yield bond market stress. Treasury bonds have historically exhibited positive returns on average during volatile markets for risk assets, allowing ATAC Funds to potentially mitigate risk during difficult periods.

3. Ability to Generate Positive Returns in Both Up and Down Market Environments

The ATAC Funds are not dependent on a specific direction of the equity market or the bond market. The mutual fund (ticker: ATACX/ATCIX) and the ETFs (tickers: RORO and JOJO) have the ability to capture upside in favorable environments by rotating fully into offensive ETFs and the ability to generate positive returns in down environments by rotating fully into Treasury ETFs.

4. Systematic and Objective Process

The ATAC Funds use a systematic and objective process to position offensively or defensively. The process is consistent and repeatable, attempting to evaluate conditions which favor higher or lower volatility in risk-on markets. The strategies position defensively in Treasury ETFs when the odds favor rising volatility and offensively when the odds favor falling volatility.



Michael A. Gayed, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Michael A. Gayed is Portfolio Manager at Tidal Investments, an investment management company specializing in ETF focused research, investment strategies and services designed for financial advisors, RIAs, family offices and investment managers.

Prior to Tidal Investments, Michael was the Co-Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Strategist at Pension Partners, LLC, an investment advisor managing mutual funds and separate accounts.

He is the author of five award-winning research papers on market anomalies and investing. Michael was an active contributor to MarketWatch for a number of years and has been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, as well as the Wall Street Journal Live for his unique approach to interpreting market movements.

Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Finance & Management at NYU Stern School of Business. Michael became a CFA Charterholder in 2008.

Michael Venuto, CIO
Co-Portfolio Manager

Michael J. Venuto is an ETF industry veteran with over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of ETF-based investment strategies. He is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tidal Investments, LLC. Michael is the lead portfolio for the first actively managed ETF focused on Blockchain (BLOK) companies filed in the US. He is also behind the launch of the Tidal ETF Industry Index, which measures and monitors the performance of publicly traded companies that derive revenue from the Exchange Traded Funds ecosystem.

Previously, he was Head of Investments at Global X Funds where he provided portfolio optimization services to institutional clients. Before that, he was Senior Vice President at Horizon Kinetics where his responsibilities included new business development, investment strategy, fintech private equity and strategic initiatives. In 2014, Michael was chosen as one of ETF.com’s All Stars for his research and is often quoted as an ETF expert in publications such as Reuters and Barron’s.


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